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1. Do you offer certificates for completed courses?

We began offering certificates for the Interconnection course recently. In order to get a certificate a student has to verify their ID, pay the processing fee and confirm all coursework is completed.

2. Will you be offering more courses in the future?

Yes. We plan to offer more courses in the future. All registered users will be notified when new courses are added.

3. Can I contribute course material to RAG Learning?

If you are a telecoms operator or vendor who wishes to contribute course material please get in touch using our contact form.

4. Can anyone register for a course? Do I have to be a RAG member to be able to take the courses?

The course and platform access are not limited in any way. Therefore, anybody with a valid email can register and enroll to courses.

Anyone who registers for an account will automatically become a member of RAG and will receive updates about RAG Learning and other RAG news by email.

5. Is there a cost for taking the course?

No. Courses are provided for free.