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About this course

Introduction to Fraud Management

by MTN Group
Learn how to recognise fraud and act in the event of detection.


About this course

This is a verified track course, which means you can choose to receive a certificate at any point while enrolled by verifying your ID and paying a processing fee (listed to the right).

This course will introduce Fraud Management.

What you will learn

The following topics will be covered:

Topic 1: Introduction to fraud
Topic 2: Fraud risk management
Topic 3: Subscriber fraud
Topic 4: Wholesale fraud
Topic 5: Corporate fraud
Topic 6: Reporting fraud

Course Provider

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MTN Group

  • Start: October 15, 2018
  • Length: Self Paced
  • Price: FREE
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  • Course Provider: MTN Group
  • Subject: Introduction to Fraud Management
  • Language: English